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Adrian Baron-Chamuel angol származású. Első kérdései, mikor megkapta a nevét:

Dear E:

 This is what I recived today. I hope you can read it. I am concerned by two things :

1. "Sometimes it is difficult for them to get involved with others and to live human love" ; does this mean I will not find true love?

2. " In the duality these human beings can often think they feel and see too little. Sometimes their powerful intellect stands in their way, and some can allow feelings only with difficulty". Does this mean I won't have feelings? I do think I feel and see too little Best regards,

Adrian OMAR TA SATT dear Adrian Chamuel

Sabine Sangitar has channelled your original name, your cosmic parents and your origin for you.

Your original name: Chamuel
Cosmic parents: Jophiel and Shakti
Origin: Elohim

Your parents have put into this name everything that is you:
Your entire abilities, your task, and all your power. The more you connect yourself with your name, the more will you feel this original energy.
In principle you should know that in your origin you consist of a vibration, sound and color. Your essence, however, your origin, is unique. Though, because of the limitations of the human language, a name that expresses your origin can have many different meanings. But your essence exists only once.

We wish you much strength and joy with these messages.

Have a light- and powerful time,
the Team of the Kryonschool


Jophiel, like Jesus, bears much redemption energy in himself and unifies all that is. He is a dignitary and torch bearer, a high master in the universe.
Children of Jophiel are sensitive and intuitive. Sometimes it is difficult for them to get involved with others and to live human love.
Are they awakened, they cast their spells over human beings. They are specially truthful. Mostly they like to travel and carry their light into many cities and countries. They are called the messengers of God. They are good at mediating and at balancing energies.

The attributes of Shakti are softness, care, will and intention.

Shakti is the bearing feminine power. She is the motherly, bearing principle of security, serene balance, and inner balance. Through love she lets healing of the spirit be experienced. Shakti is both powerful and loving.
Beings who were created by Shakti were teachers and leaders in many incarnations.
In the duality these human beings can often think they feel and see too little. Sometimes their powerful intellect stands in their way, and some can allow feelings only with difficulty.

The Elohim frequency leads the structure in the universe. You will also find the angels of grace in the frequency of the Elohim. They send out healing energy with their light. The human beings who are from this frequency bear a lot of responsibility and are very strong-willed. For them also goes: Once they have made up their mind for something they take the straight path.

Your essence that you bear as great light on earth is anchored in an energy field in the universe. This energy field is called origin by the spiritual world. This origin contains everything, your entire matrix as well as the task for which this energy field has been created. Once a part of this energy field split off in order to experience itself in the most various ways and to incarnate. Thi s is the divine Core that you bear within yourself. It is unique and gives you your personality, your abilities and your divinity. This origin that you stem from was created in the universe by your cosmic parents.
Your cosmic parents bear special attributes within themselves and pass these on to you during the process of creation. It is similar to your earthly parents, from whom you have inherited certain genes. And in the same way you receive shares and abilities from your cosmic parents too. This message is new in many respects. But the information that each human being has cosmic parents is spreading further and further among the human beings. It is also important to know that each origin received a name at its creation, the original name. This name, though, has nothing to do with the soul name. During the 48 Steps it is mentioned again and again how important it is to use your original name as it contains the vibration that decodes your DNA and makes you aware of your divine Self.
The 36 High Councillors of the Light passed on the message that because of the rising vibration of Lady Gaia the cosmic parents will have a more and more powerful effect, and that particularly the Pioneers of the Light will feel the attributes of their cosmic parents more. I am often asked why spiritual beings bear different attributes within themselves. I would like to go into this briefly.
Each being in the universe has a task and is in its own frequency. As all beings work together in love a unity exists to which you are also tied.
You should know that there is a difference between the Divine Reality and the duality. Therefore it is possible that abilities show themselves differently in the Divine Reality than they do in the duality. But the longer you stay in the Divine Reality and absorb the energy of the Divine Reality, the stronger can you feel the attributes of your cosmic parents and then express them in the duality.
Much ANA (light) and TAN'ATARA (zest for life),
Sabine Sangitar



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